July 22, 2002

Craig arrived late last night. He is crashing here for the day to make sure that all of his furniture and stuff gets delivered and then he is going to Perry to work from there until his and Emily’s house in Spencer is ready for them (in about a month.)

In addition to some new CD’s that I picked up to go with my new stereo, I also picked up my first Game Boy Advance game since I got the system. There aren’t a ton of interesting looking games for the GBA yet but “Broken Sword” has been on my to get list for a long time. It was once rated as one of the best adventure games ever so I have been looking for it on one platform or another for a long time. Having it on the GBA (it was an ancient PC game) is a really handy format to play with it on. I will let you know how it is. I am down to just a couple more games that I want to have – the top one being the Nancy Drew game. Maybe I will find it on eBay. You can get some amazing deals there. There are a couple of new copies on there now that I might have to grab. Other than that, Golden Sun is the other big game that I am interested in.

I really hope that some classic adventure games like King’s Quest, Space Quest, Monkey Island, The Faery Tale Adventure and the like get ported over to the GBA. Those games had so much thought go into them and would work perfectly on the GBA – they wouldn’t push it for graphics or sound – and would be so much more fun than many of the silly games that get made today. I think that the GBA is the perfect “retro” platform to play many of the great ’80’s games on since it is more powerful than any computer that I ever used in the 1980’s.

I finally got a copy of Evil Dead over the weekend. I have had ED2 and ED3 for a long time but not the original movie. So I looked around and managed to track down what would appear to be the ultimate copy of the movie complete with a 7.1 Digital soundtrack and two audio commentaries. Now I have the entire series from Raimi.

Due to some things not being ready for me in DC, I may be staying in Ithaca for another two days. I have to be in DC later this week because on Friday was are moving to our new office and we will be moving all of our servers as well (like this one) so we will be down for a little bit on Friday. Hopefully not more than half an hour or so.

Don’t forget that Tim and Becky’s wedding is on this Saturday. Eric was busy this past weekend being Best Man at Mark’s wedding. These last two years have really been the beginning of the big wedding boom. I guess we are getting to be that age now.

After putting this new stereo together, I have decided that I am now able to put together a good high end system for under $1000. Nothing outrageous but a good, clean, simple high end stereo complete with everything from amps to CD source, wires and stands for the speakers, etc.

I am working around the house this morning. I actually managed to get a paper done that needed to be taken care of. I have a ton of work for school that I need to do that I haven’t gotten to yet. That really sucks. I did archive May and June today. This Daily page was getting out of control. The 2002 archive page has now grown so large that it is now larger than the 2001 archive page 40K. So, by the end of the year, the 2002 archive will likely by three times the size of 2001. I may have to start breaking the page into seasons or something because of how long it takes to download.

Canadian FlagFor those of you who have been following the MyMiranda.net website (the link is right over there on the left,) you will be happy to know that Loopy has finally updated the site so you can go back and check it out again.

I have done a ton of random updates to the site so be sure to poke around and look for stuff that has been updated. Just little things here and there but I am always striving to make the site a better place than it was before and to keep everyone coming back all of the time. Be sure to tell all of your friends about this cool web site.

I watched Bruce Campbell’s commentary on the Evil Dead today. He is hilarious. It is hard to believe that he made that movie 24 years ago. There are so many funny things that you don’t pick out of movies that you only find out if you watch commentaries. For example, Bruce mentions that a towel in the movie has the name of the summer camp on it that Sam Raimi (the director also of Spiderman fame) used to go to. I recognized the name of the camp from the movie Indian Summer which is a movie about that camp and Sam Raimi plays the boat dock guy in that movie. (He is also in Spies Like Us but I will let Nate figure out where.)

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