August 13, 2002

I did some basic maintanence stuff with today’s update like adding some hidden links to our other webpages for the robots to find and adding some cataloging information for this page as well. I never really do searches for us so I don’t know how easy it is to come across us on a web search. Wouldn’t that be funny if tons of people came here all of the time wondering what it could possibly be? I have actually been doing a ton of work on all of our web sites getting them to all link to each other to increase our search status across the board.

BTW, I do have an online calendar for people wondering where I am and what is going on so be sure to check that if you want to know when I am planning on being somewhere. You can go to it by clicking here Scott’s Calendar. I will be adding a button for it on the side eventually. Now that Eric and I have so many meetings all of the time it is getting more and more important to have everything that is going on on the calendar. If you are expecting me to be somewhere and you don’t see it on the calendar, remind me about it.

So today is going to be a long day. John and I went out until late last night so we ended up sleeping in accidentally. Then, my Alarm Cat went off at 9:30 this morning when Mickey took a huge dump on my pillow just inches from my face. He also crapped and puked all over the house in addition to just my pillow. That cat is retarded. Nila goes in and out the cat door all day long and has since the first day that we got it but not Mickey, oh no. He is too dainty to be able to push on anything to open it. I have a fan running in my room trying to air it out now.

HTML-Kit Beta 4 is out and even better than Beta 3. I used it all day yesterday and am downloading it today for the laptop so all of the updates after today will be written with the newer version. Dominica claimed that she was going to send me her new page to post today but I didn’t get it. So, we are still waiting for that. I am still waiting for Nate and Bob to get their page posted as well.

Well, the original plan was to head into Washington today and work at the hospital but it is so late now that I think that I am going to forgo that idea and maybe work there tonight if I come up with enough stuff to do. I have enough here to keep me busy forever anyway.

Since I am getting more and more responsibility all of the time, I now have a Nextel radio phone. I hate the two way radio stuff but I need it to stay in contact with the drivers at night.

We have actually been getting some responses about names for our mascot Llama. I am going to make the target cutoff September 5 for new ideas because I am working in Rochester that day and will be around to choose. Ok, enough for today. Maybe I will get around to installing the wireless ethernet system here today. It is going to be a pain because Verizon uses PPPoE dial-up and it is really annoying to setup on a router. Have a good one everyone.

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