August 2, 2002

It is Friday. Dominica is coming down here today. I haven’t seen her for a week 🙁 She is all mad at me because she had to go buy a roof mount bike rack to put my new bicycle on the roof of her car to take it down to North Carolina. We are leaving for Topsail Island first thing in the morning. It will be nice to get away and have nothing to do but relax. No hospitals calling…etc. I will have my laptop with me so I will try to keep everyone updated as to how the vacation is going.

Dominica and Gibran (that she works with) have become addicted to Grand Theft Auto 3 on the Playstation 2. They even brought the PS2 over to hook to the awesome stereo system to be able to play on the 32″ Trinitron with surround sound. Anyway, the thing that makes the story funny is the fact that on the same day that Min and Gibran were playing GTA3 on the big system, Nicklin Associates (the company that I work for) hired the third top professional GTA player in the country. How funny is that?

Today is going to be a short update because I want to get it posted. I will work on getting July 31 off of the other computer before I take off but it isn’t very likely so you will probably just have to wait on that update for a week or so. By the time that I get back from NC we are supposed to have Verizon ADSL in the house and we will be setting up a wireless network. That will be really cool and I can write updates for you while sitting on the deck in the lawn chair looking out at Deep Creek flowing into the Magothy River.

I expect to be able to post tomorrow before we leave though, so expect to be able to check back.

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