August 22, 2002

Loopy and I took a contract with TEKsystems out of Rochester and Hewlett-Packard to do a Windows XP migration at Gentiva in Endicott about an hour from Ithaca. If you look through the archives, I am sure that you can find when Loopy and I did the Windows 2000 migration at the same facility. We did every computer last time and we did everyone again. Since no new machines were put in this time, that means that we have pretty muched touched every computer there twice. That is kind of a weird feeling – coming back to a job site a year later and knowing that many of those machines probably haven’t moved an inch since you had set them there. I went into Gentiva to get ready for the migration today. I worked mid-afternoon and all evening. I am the Team Lead on the migration so I have to be in before anyone else is to make sure that everything is all set for everyone.

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