August 28, 2002

Eric and I started off the day with a meeting in Rochester with Rochester General Hospital in Irodiquoit. That actually went surprisingly well. We then went suit shopping at Men’s Warehouse because I needed a plain black suit. I have shopped there before but this time was so bad I intend to never even consider shopping there ever again. The salesmen were so greasy and obnoxious. It was like being at the worst used car deal you have ever seen. You tell them you don’t want anything and they bring things for you to see and try to add things to your bill you never even thought that they were trying to sell you, they kept asking me what they could do to make the prices good enough for me and then would offer me a higher price and act like it was lower. I don’t like to haggle at a men’s clothing store. It was embarrassing. They wouldn’t let it go. If I didn’t want another suit then they would bring me a sport coat. I kept telling them I didn’t want anything and they wouldn’t stop. They wouldn’t let me out of the store. My mother was with me and she got so mad that she said something to them about it. And that didn’t stop them. It was such an awful experience that I will never go there again. They even lied to me about the prices on the suits I was looking at (the tags said $300 and $220) and the jerk told me if I bought the two it would save me money and he would let them go at $550 and said that the one alone was $400. I don’t have Internet access this morning to look up their customer service number but I intend to get a hold of them and explain to them why Wagi (Assistant Manager) and Vincent (the salesmen) managed to make me no longer willing to be a customer of their chain.

After being harrassed at Men’s Warehouse, I went up to Greece and helped Josh and Joanna move into their new apartment. They moved just around the corner from where Josh was living before and from where Josh, Loopy and I used to live once upon a time. It was weird helping Josh move because the townhouse that they are moving into is identical to the one that we all used to live in. It was eerie.

Loopy bought a new pair of small Paradigm Atoms for his bedroom because his old speakers were just way too big for that little room. This is more practical for him. His old Monitor 7’s were sold on eBay.

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