September 12, 2002

This morning I had to get up extra early to head up to the Oneida Indian Nation to work for Dell. That was an easy $100. Only 30 minutes of work. Hee hee. I love working in IT.

Today is Miranda’s last day in the States. She has to get back to Ontario tomorrow to work the audit at night.

My project of moving my music collection onto my computer is finally coming to fruition. I have hours and hours of Vorbis files stored on the two Linux machines now – enough that I can set XMMS (my music player) to random and it will go for the longest time playing all new music. It is the coolest music system ever. It is so easy to use and so useful. It is so nice to know that every single song that comes on will be something that I want to hear. And, my music collection is bigger than any radio station’s. I have close to 900 CDs and I like a lot more than just the one or two songs on each one that made it onto the charts and is on the radio station playlists.

Mozilla 1.1 is out now. It is a little slow especially when you are shutting it down. Everyone knows about this glitch and they are working on it. All in all, it is working pretty well.

Becareful, tomorrow is Friday the 13th. Just warning you now.

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