September 14, 2002

Today, Dominica and I went to her parent’s house in Frankfort and spent the day there. The washing machine here is leaking badly and we had a lot of laundry that needed washed so we did quite a few loads while we were there.

I have been hard at work making my in house network radio station work. Currently I am still in the process of encoding the compact discs into Ogg Vorbis files. To do this I have set up a factory system of one computer (in my closet) that is ripping the CDs into .WAV files. These files are then stored on a shared directory. My computer on my desk and Nate’s computer in his room then connect to this shared directory and process the .WAV files into .OGG files. This process takes some time so I am glad that I have two machines working at it. Then Dominica’s computer takes the finished .OGG files and moves them off of the shared directory to make space for more .WAVs to be ripped there. The whole process is very complex but it has been running very smoothly and I have a ton of discs moved over already. Now I just have to figure out how to set up and run an IceCast server to send out the music to the rest of the house.

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