September 2, 2002

A fun day of working in Washington. We had a slight problem with our email server over the weekend that I had to fix yesterday but everything seems to be ok today.

Anyone interested in a new computer but on a tight budget should look to Walmart Online is now selling a Lindows (Linux) computer complete with memory, hard drive, ethernet, etc. for only $199. It is a VIA C3 based unit at 800MHz. Nothing to knock your socks off but at $199 with the OS installed, all you need is the monitor, keyboard, mouse (optical from Walmart only $18.88) and a cable or DSL connection and you are good to go. It is hard to go wrong at that price. This would make a great second computer or Linux learning system for someone just getting started.

The weather is beautiful here today. John and I took the 35th Anniversary Camaro Convertible with the top down into the city this morning. Traffic was heavy the day after the holiday but it wasn’t all that bad.

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