October 16, 2002

John Stephens came up again today and bought one of my computers off of me. The black IBM Intellistation that Bob had been thinking of buying a while back. That computer has been here for so long that I am constantly forgetting that it even exists. Well, if finally is gone. And John’s friend Tom is eyeballing the HP Vectra 2-Way that has been sitting idle for some time now as well. It would be nice to not have to deal with trying to get rid of it on eBay. I have one last computer then – Gordon – that needs to go. Gordon has been our house server for a long time now but his time to go has come. He has been a faithful machine but he is just too large and redundant. And redundancy means more power consumption than necessary. So, no more Gordon then. He should be gone soon. John’s friend Paul might be interested in him.

Dominica finished watching the last of season two of As Time Goes By and she made me run out and buy the third season. She watched quite a bit of that as well this evening. She is really addicted to that show. It has been my favorite for a very long time now. I am so glad that I finally own it on DVD. It is so nice to be able to watch it whenever I feel like. They don’t have it on television in this area so I have been missing it for a long time now.

I bought an Ogg Vorbis player for my Sharp Zaurus today. It was only $10. This will allow me to use the Zaurus as a jukebox like one of those MP3 players that they sell everywhere now only because of the power of the unit and the quality of the file type, I can get four times as much music on it as the best of those MP3 players and it will sound quite a bit better – and be easy to use with all of the files that I already have on my computer. The Kompany (where I bought it from) also has a free Ogg Vorbis radio station tuner that will allow me to use the Zaurus as a walkman – able to listen to Internet radio stations. I am very excited to try that out but I won’t be able to look at it until after I return on Monday from my little vacation.

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