October 23, 2002

Sara came over after work today and she, Min, Loopy and I went to A1 in Dryden for dinner. I haven’t been there for quite a while but it is a really nice place. They are always busy. They are definetly a popular place for such a small town.

Little Canadian FlagDominica and I are going to be heading up to Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday morning to get away for the weekend. She has never been to Ottawa and I haven’t been there for a long time. Ottawa is a really awesome city and we are going to be there very close to the peak season for the leaves but out of the normal tourist season so it shouldn’t be too busy. Ottawa is a great town and hopefully they will still have the Cows Ice Cream store. It is the nearest one to Ithaca and I am looking forward to getting some Cows Ice Cream. I have added a new link to the links page that takes you to the official website of Cows of PEI so that you can see their really cool merchandise. I have a couple of Cows T-Shirts. One or two from PEI from back in 1992 and a newer one that my mom got me from the Ottawa location a lot more recently.

Nate’s girlfriend and her daughter are coming out to Ithaca to visit this weekend. This will be Tammy’s first time out to the Llama house and her first time being exposed to all of the weirdness here (Tammy knows me but no one else in the house.)

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