October 25, 2002: Actor Richard Harris Dies

I finished building out new SAMBA server replacing our old Windows NT Server Gordon today. Gordon should be totally phased out of service sometime on Monday.

Actor Richard Harris dies today leaving five Harry Potter movies unfinished. It will be interesting to see who they get to replace him. The story goes that he turned down the role originally but he decided to take it because his granddaughter contacted him and told him she wouldn’t love him anymore if he didn’t take the part. So he did.

Last night, Min, Loop and I watched In Like Flint but it was pretty awful. The story line made no sense and the whole thing was pretty roughly put together. I wouldn’t suggest it to any but the most die hard Austin Powers fans.

Min and Loop finally succeeded in beating me in Age of Empires 2 tonight. We have played a number of 2 on 1 games and this is the first time that I have been defeated by two people. Eric is still the only person to have beaten me in a one on one match. Age of Mythology (AoE3) is due in stores on November 1. We have high hopes but low expectations. Microsoft has a pretty good track record with keeping careful watch over video games that bear their name but the premiss and some of the ideas in AoM seem pretty cheesy. But the screen shots look pretty amazing. We will see.

Min and I will be traveling to Ottawa over the weekend so don’t look for updates or to get a hold of us. I will also be working overnight Monday night in Syracuse so I will be pretty hard to track down on Monday as well. Tuesday I have a meeting with Eric.

Our reigning Llama of the Month contacted me today to tell me that she had been unaware of her appointment to such an esteemed position because she is currently without a computer and hasn’t been able to get online.

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