October 3, 2002: Eric and I Leave for Pittsburgh

I pulled myself out of bed at 5:45 this morning (quite a bit earlier than usual for me) and got ready to hit the road. Eric and I left Pittsburgh at just a little after 7:00am and headed towards Canton, OH. This trip was bound and determined to be a disaster. First, the road that we wanted to take out of Pittsburgh (i279) was closed and we had to go north out of the city and around the west side to be able to get back to the south side so that we could pick up route 30. We finally managed to get onto 30 and no sooner were we on it but it split off of the highway and became a small road without any signs announcing it so we spent a little while tooling around on route 22 before we realized it. So we had to take a number of backroads to get back to route 30. So that took as a bit out of our way. So we were happy and back on our route again. No sooner had we crossed into Ohio than route 30 turned into route 11 and the real 30 went off in a different direction without any signs – again. So we ended up driving to Youngstown and coming west to Canton from there on 224. Only – 224 was closed halfway along the route and we had to try 538 to get to another road towards Canton. We finally found 62 heading into Canton. We thought we were safe. We had directions to the hospital and everything. Seemed pretty easy. Except that 62 was closed as we got into Canton too! So, we had to just wander through the city looking for the hospital. It was totally ridiculous. A short, less that 2 hour trip ended up taking us four hours! And then our meetings went awful.

After our bad meetings we headed back to Ithaca. We arrived in town around 8:00pm. It had been a really long day after all of that. I was glad to be home. Eric had to drive home from my house and so probably didn’t get back until almost 10:30pm.

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