November 11, 2002

Boy have I gotten behind on updates! I am sorry, since I have been out of town it has been really hard to get any updates completed and loaded onto the site. I am trying hard to keep up with the news this week while I am in DC.

HTML-Kit has finally moved past its Alpha and Beta stages and is in final release. It has taken years but we are finally there. My copy of the final release is downloading in the background while I am working on the site.

I am in DC today. I drove down this afternoon and am working at the hospital during the night (which is when I usually work since it allows me to get the most work done in a timely fashion.) The drive was nice and it gave me a chance to listen to “L is for Lawless” which is the 12th book in Sue Grafton’s Alphabet Murders. I love those books. I have listened to 36 hours of them in the car now. Most of that has been on trips to and from Washington. I also picked up and have started listening to “Lake Wobegon, Summer 1956” by Garrison Keiler. That is six hours long and isn’t incredibly gripping so I listened to the Sue Grafton novel in the middle of it.

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