November 16, 2002

Little Canadian FlagToday is the day that Kelley’s Heroes makes their annual voyage to Toronto to play in the big Canadian’s Santa Claus Parade. We got on the bus in Caledonia at 10:30 in the morning. Yes, that means that I was up very early. It would have been a lot easier to make it out had there not been a huge tire fire in Seneca Falls and the route that I would normally take out was blocked. So I had to head on up to the thruway and then come south again back to Caledonia. It was a good thing that I left early.

We made it to the Toronto Colony in good time (after stopping at Duty Free first, of course.) Josh, Jamie, Leanne (last months llama of the month) and Jen went out to dinner at Movenpick. Josh and I have been going to Movenpick for years but we found out that this one, that we went to so often, is closing this coming week so we were glad that we made it back there one last time.

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