November 19, 2002

I spent the day working on my Internet radio station. It is working for the most part but I am still having a couple of basic problems that I want to get fixed. It should be working soon, though.

I went out and bought a Compact Flash memory card for my Zaurus today and the store under rang it by $20 which is pretty cool. I was very happy about that. It was expensive enough as it was. Now I have a handheld computer with 192MB of memory. That is more than most people’s laptops that I know! I am going to try encoding a book on CD and seeing how much I can get onto it. I bet that I can get a lot – maybe five hours worth. That would be really handy to have. I have been trying out all kinds of new software on my Zaurus. I am finding a lot of stuff that I really like.

Min and I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tonight at Pyramid Mall. I was pretty disgusted with the last movie (because it totally ruined the book) but this one was quite a bit better. The kids are definitely growing up and becoming more mature and Richard Harris does a much better job as Dumbledore than he did in the last installment (of course, he has now passed away and they don’t have a replacement for him yet.) The overall flow of the movie was improved some although it still feels like a race from one action sequence to another. The books take their time (as books can) but the movie is way too fast. It is almost uncomfortable to watch because of the poor pacing. It is so fast that the pacing alone can be confusing. But overall, it is better than the Sorceror’s Stone (Philosopher’s Stone for our Canadian Contingency.)

Emily stopped by to visit this evening as well. I haven’t seen Emily in a year and she brought the baby by whom I have not seen at all yet. Min came home just in time to see the baby and get “baby fever”. Hopefully that will pass soon. I think Emily has found herself a babysitter, though!

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