November 27, 2002

Eric and I have a busy day today, getting everything wrapped up in DC before hitting the road and heading back to New York for the holiday. We worked all morning giving a tour at the hospital and then we jumped in the car and headed off. We made it till just over the Pennsylvania border before we hit the traffic. We were at mile marker 4 at 3:30 pm. We had been doing well and expected to be home early. Early enough that Min was trying to convince me to pick her up and drive on to Frankfort tonight. But then traffic stopped completely. Eric and I creeped forward 4 miles in the next three hours and ended up managing to get off of the next exit (Exit 8) at 6:30. Traffic was backed up there as well so we headed off on a side road in the opposite direction figuring it was better to get away from the traffic than to be stuck in it. We managed to get into the outskirts of York, PA and settled into a dinner for a little while to kill some time. We had diner (it was pretty good) and talked to some locals about the accident that shut down route 83 (some Neon driver cut off a semi that then jumped into the outcoming lanes across the median.) All of Rte. 83 North and South had been closed in York County for four hours. At 7:30, the road opened again and we continued home. Ten hours instead of 5 1/2. What a pain that was. We were really tired by the time we got home.

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