November 6, 2002

After a very busy day yesterday, Eric and I were incredibly tired today. We slept in a little bit later than usual and started off the day having breakfast with John. There still is no furniture at the house so I am sleeping on Dominica’s comforter that she left there the last time that she was down to visit and Eric is sleeping on her futon matress that she left the last time that she was down. There are two chairs in the house, strangely enough, one of them is Dominica’s too! John does finally have one folding chair of his own and a television stand with a HDTV and digital satellite. He is still using my little Aiwa stereo though. 🙂

Eric and I got into the office in the early afternoon and worked all evening until very late. It is much easier to get work done when there isn’t very many people around.

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