December 16, 2002

I ended up not being able to leave Ithaca until 10:00 pm last night so I didn’t arrive in Annapolis until 3:15 am. That really sucked because I had to be at work in DC at 7:45 am. I managed to get into bed and fall asleep at 3:30 am. I brought an alarm clock with me to make sure that I would be able to get up when I need to (after just 2 hours of sleep) but the alarm clock is old and apparently died during the trip down to Annapolis because it didn’t go off (I checked it thoroughly, there is only one on/off switch for the alarm and really nothing else, the clock is dead.) I was really lucky that I happened to wake up at 5:29 and was watching as the clock flipped to 5:30 and didn’t go off. So, disaster was averted (I could easily have slept until 10 or later.) I showered and hit the road by 6:15 and arrived at the Anti-Defamation Leagure by 7:30. We ended up not having our whole crew there until noon (I was the team lead) so we ended up working a twelve hour day to make sure that everything got done. I like the overtime but the day was LONG. I ended up working with someone who went to school with Zach in Buffalo and was the best friend of his Junior Prom date whom she called from work to tell that she was working with Zach’s roomate. We all had a big laugh over that, very small world. Another girl who was working there had gone to high school at Honeyeo-Falls Lima which was a bordering school to Avon where Loopy went and was my high school swim teams arch rivals in the county.

I made it back to the house around 8:00pm after a very long day and went straight to bed because I have to get up early tomorrow because John and I are driving to South Carolina.

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