December 20, 2002

Today is the big company Christmas party in Annapolis. Eric, Amanda and Min drove down from New York this morning to meet up with everyone in DC for the party. As soon as they arrived, we hit the road to do some last minute shopping for the party and then headed to the hotel (we all stayed at the hotel to be sure to be able to get some sleep) to get ready for the party. I was hoping to be able to fit into my tuxedo that I used to wear back when I was much younger but I just didn’t fit into it anymore, so I had to wear my suit.

The party went really well. About thirty people showed up, mostly from DC. We played greed and handed out presents and there was even a door prize of a DVD player. There was a lot of food and everyone had a really good time. It was nice to see such a good turn out.

For Christmas, I got John a D-Link Wireless Ethernet Router for the house. He has been talking about getting one and it will make my life a lot easier because I always need to use a wireless laptop and Zaurus and Eric needs to use one too so it seemed perfect. We will have to see how well it works.

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