December 22, 2002

Min and I drove back to Ithaca from Washington this morning. I have been away from home for a long time and I am looking forward to my one night of sleep in my own bed before hitting the road again.

Before leaving to head back to New York, Min and I decided to exchange our main gifts due to logistical concerns. We ended up (not TOTALLY by coincidence but the story takes too long to tell) getting each other 17″ MAG Innovision flat panel computer monitors. We both really wanted them so this works out really well. They are a little bigger than standard 17″ monitors (as flat panels usually are) and are 1280×1024 at 75Hz. Not really very good for fast first person shooter games but really good for slower games and normal computer work. Perfect for what we will use them for. I will still use my 20″ Sampo for Quake2!

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