December 28, 2002

I woke up at 4:00 am with the flu and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went and got Dominica at 8:00 am and had her pack what we had left into the car so that we could get back to Ithaca and not everyone else sick at her parent’s house. The flu has been going around and it is pretty nasty. This is the first that I have caught the flu in ten years so I figure that I had it coming. I feel awful, though.

(Updated in June, 2006: There is a funny anecdote from this day that I cannot believe didn’t get put in when I originally wrote this daily. I can’t imagine how it was missed. On the way from Frankfort back to Ithaca Dominica had to drive because I was feeling so ill. I didn’t even bother to really get dressed but was just wearing pajamas that I had received for Christmas to be more comfortable in the car. Just as we were getting onto the Thruway in Utica heading west I made Dominica pull over so that I could be sick. I got out of the car but there was nowhere really to go so I had to lean into a snowbank. It was really cold and I was leaning into snow for several minutes and I got really cold. Later some of Dominica’s coworkers commented on me being sick on the side of the highway. It turns out that they were passing the Utica exit just as I was being sick on the side of the road and they managed to recognize me, in my pajamas, being sick, on the side of the Thruway! Utica is over two hours away from Ithaca so one would think that you would be safe from being randomly identified that far away but you are never safe.)

We made it back to Ithaca around 11:00 am and I went straight to bed. That is the end of me today.

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