January 19, 2003

Min and I are at my parent’s house today. We got up and went to church, had lunch and then headed on out to Geneseo to see what might be available. Well, we drove around Geneseo for a while but there just wasn’t anything that seemed reasonable. There were very few homes available and what was available was very expensive. We did finally find a new townhome construction site where we managed to get a tour of two of the new homes. We were very impressed, both with the quality of the home and with the price as well. We don’t know what we are wanting to do yet but this house is a real possibility. It is really nice.

We had dinner with my grandmother and I installed a new graphics card in my cousins’ computer before we packed up and headed back down to Ithaca.

I dropped Dominica off in Ithaca around 9:30 and then I promptly packed the car and headed off to Washington. I have a new Sue Grafton novel, O is for Outlaw, that I got to listen to most of on the drive down. I also finished off The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe that I started listening to about a month ago. I love the Chronicle’s of Narnia. I wish that the books were unabridged instead of dramatizations. I generally prefer unabridged novels. I am almost all of the way through the Sue Grafton novels. I have only missed “N” because I can’t find any store that sells it and there is only “P” and “Q” left and “Q” is still very new. So, there are only three total books left to listen to before I have to find a new series to get into. I am still hunting down the second installment of the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as well. It is an impossible book to find on CD. No one carries it.

I arrived at Washington Hospital Center at 4:00 am. As soon as I arrived I got to work installing the new 16 port KVM. It took about thirty minutes. As soon as that was installed, I took off to get out to Annapolis and get some sleep. Much needed sleep.

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