January 24, 2003

Min and Gibran hit the road at 9am this morning. I was originally scheduled to go to the DCHA meeting at noon but we had too many people going so I bailed on the meeting. I met with Childrens National Med Center at 2pm and then I had to run out to Rockville to pick up Min. I managed to get to her just before 5pm. We drove back to Annapolis in heavy rush hour traffic. We went out to dinner with John, Michelle and the girls at Texas Steaks where they had some live music. After dinner Min and I headed back to the house and went to bed early. Min’s back is hurting from having been in the car all day.

Phil called this evening and we talked late into the night about televisions and computers. He is going out shopping with Josh tomorrow. He is finally putting a new machine together.

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