January 6, 2003

The power went out again today. My cell phone woke me up at 6:00 am this morning beeping because the power in the house was going on and off. So, once again, we had to do the drill of running around the house pulling power from all of the computers to make sure that they would be okay when the power came back on again. I drove Dominica into work because my car was left there the other day (Friday) when I drove her home from work. When I got home the power was still off so I did some cleaning and organizing. Then I read some. The power would come back on sporadically throughout the day but never for more than a couple of seconds. Around 10:30 I headed out to do a little shopping at Borders and then I met Dominica at the food court in the mall for lunch. We ate at Wendy’s and then I dropped her off at work and drove down to Elmira to meet Eric who was working at Arnot-Ogden Medical Center down there. He worked at the hospital until around 3:00 and then we went to our regular place in Horseheads, the Original Italian Pizzeria which is really cheap and has really good pizza and we sat and drank coffee for a while and discussed our plans this week (we are scheduled to be heading down to Washington first thing on Wendesday morning. We should be heading back to New York on Friday.

I got back home after being in Elmira around 6:00 pm and apparently the power had come back on in the early afternoon so I was able to check my mail and write the daily. I did some work on my new PC that I just built the other day and I finally have it running approximately how I want it. It dual boots to both BeOS Developers Edition 1.1 (Vimba) and to Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server 2003 RC1 so that I can play with both of them. I am really happy with BeOS. After all these years they still have a lot of good stuff going for them. BeOS is the perfect OS for someone who just wants a really simple machine for checking email and surfing the web. It starts really fast and it is really easy to use and now that they have the most recent version of Mozilla available for it, what more can you ask for? (Ok, ok, I could ask for support for nVidia GeForce 4 graphics cards but that would be too picky.)

Internet.com reported today that the IT Gender gap is widening. This is hard to believe considering how few women I have ever come across working in IT over the years. Loopy and I were hoping to get a big contract for some work in Syracuse over the next few months but that fell through so we are back to looking for other ways of making some scratch. At least it is January and there is money to be had again.

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