February 15, 2003

I wanted to get a lot done today but I have a bad sinus headache. Min is still hurting pretty bad and taking a lot of medicine to keep the pain under control. Today ended up being mostly just a resting day. I really didn’t feel that I could handle thinking about very much so I didn’t. Loopy actually got up at a normal time today and worked during the day instead of at night. How weird. I spent most of the day online trying to be productive but mostly failing at it. I did get some work done so don’t think that I was totally slacking off but not a whole lot was done. At least I got the updates for the site posted for my loyal readers who notice whenever I fall behind. I kept calling people today but couldn’t find anyone that I needed to do work so that help give me a pretty good excuse.

Loopy spent the day working on LoopyOS, his new operating system. It is really coming along. I can’t believe how much he has managed to get done on it. You can’t play Quake or run the Apache web server yet but he is getting there. One step at a time. It is a big undertaking trying to make an operating system so give him some time.

I noticed today that my Brainbench subscription got renewed automatically so I am wondering where that money came from because I wasn’t aware of it happening? Hmmm… Blink and your money is gone.

I am trying Mozilla 1.3b and so far it seems to be pretty crash happy. I have been online a bit this evening but it has crashed on me two or three times tonight alone. So I am not too impressed so far. It isn’t a final release so I can’t be too critical.

Late tonight Min decided to give up on the narcotic based pain killer that the hospital gave her because it is making her really not feel well and she switched to Alleve (or the generic equivalent.) Hopefully she will start feeling better once she manages to get that stuff out of her system.

I am wearing my new $12 jeans from Walmart and they are pretty nice. Loopy likes his too. I can’t believe how nice they are for how cheap they were. Well worth the money, I think. I was really happy with the polo shirts that I got from there cheap too. I really need to shop at Walmart more often. It is amazing how much money you can save that you just didn’t realize you could. I could easily save $100 a year on clothes alone there.

Well, it has been an uneventful day and there just isn’t much to say about it so I will call it a night. Have a good weekend. Don’t forget that Monday is President’s Day and you might not have to go to work.

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