February 20, 2003

Week 2, Day 2 in Schenectady. The IT team that we are working with here is falling way behind us and is actually making it so that we are going to be working out here much longer than we originally intended. Normally, I am able to install 3-4 computers per day. Today, I installed only 1! Loopy and John each managed to get two done. So, we will be doing this installation for a while. We found out that the other site is barely ahead of us and they will be losing one of their techs in the middle of next week. So that is good news too. We ended up getting finished before they had any more computers for us to work on today so we headed out early (after taking an extra long lunch to kill some time) and went to CompUSA to do some shopping.

After a little shopping, we all got back to the hotel around 6:00 and I think that we all pretty much decided that it was going to be an early night. I was in my pajamas by 7:30 and had already napped a little. Loopy slept for a couple of hours as usual (I don’t think that he has missed a day yet.) I wish that there was more news to write about but as we are out of town, not much is happening that is worth telling about.

Min is still stuck in bed for at least another day. She has to get a bone scan tomorrow so hopefully she has found someone that will be able to take her to the two appointments for it. My mom is getting a bone scan tomorrow as well. I will be home tomorrow night to take care of Min for two days before we head back to Schenectady for a regular length week. It was nice only having to work for three days. It hardly felt like we were out here at all.

I am still trying to schedule a phone interview that I have been trying to have since late last week. It is for a position that I am really interested in out in the Cleveland area. Loopy talked to the people about the interview that he had on Saturday in Rochester that took like four hours and it turns out that funding for the project has been dropped but they hope to secure some soon.

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