February 9, 2003

I obviously slept in a but this morning. Loopy was still awake when I got up – he too is trying to get ready to adjust his sleep schedule to our work that starts tomorrow. I assembled the new stationary bike that we got and tried it out. It was really cheap but I am happy with it. It seems to be really stable and it would appear to work pretty well. Good value, I think. It does everything that I need. I plan to come up with a way to be able to play video games while I am using it and to watch DVDs because that will make it so much easier to get a decent amount of exercise.

It turns out that Susan brought us her Nordic Track before she left for Miami but I hadn’t realized. So we actually have more or less a full gym now in the house. We have three pieces of excercise equipment. Loopy would really like to get a treadmill and so would I so sooner or later our gym will really be complete. It is neat to have so much stuff right in our own home.

Today is a really short day both in time and in the update. I will try my best to provide updates this week while I am out of town. It will be tough but I will likely have a ton of free time while I am hanging out at the Econolodge in Schenectady with John and Loopy. I did install zSNES (the Super Nintendo emulator) and Nestron (the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator) onto my laptop and I managed to track down Earthbound Zero (Mother 1) – the prequel to my favorite console video game of all time – Earthbound. I am really excited that I will be able to play it this week.

I spent most of my short day today working on getting the X-Terminal system working to show for use in Washington. I am part way there at least. I have all of the software that I need installed and some of it configured and the workstation seems to be all set. It is booting properly, not giving me any error messages and looking out on the network for the Linux image. So, I am getting close I think. I also had to pack today because I will be dilerious in the morning.

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