March 1, 2003


John Stephens aka The Surfing IT Wizard wins the LOTM award just because he managed to get himself nicknamed the Surfing IT Wizard. In addition to the nickname, he also has the mail address [email protected] and everyone should send him a note congratulating him on his achievement.

Min and I did a little cleaning this morning before her family arrived.

I really need to get a lot of work done this weekend before I go back to Schenectady on Monday morning. You don’t realize how much you love your weekends until you only get to be at home for exactly 48 hours between work weeks for more than a month. I need to get laundry done before I head back because it is almost impossible to get any done while I am out there and Schenectady isn’t really the kind of town where you would want to be in a place like a laundry mat alone in the evening. So far, the people that we have met out there have been great but the town really is a giant slum. The poor section of Albany basically. You feel a little uncomfortable just driving around much of the town.

So, Dominica’s dog, Dexter, which is a small Boston Terrier, has apparently made friends with an opossum that lives under their porch. Min did some research and apparently opossums are one the least aggressive wild animals in North America and they are very resistant to rabies. So apparently, they make pretty good pets. The main problem is that they are just not so much attractive.

Min’s parents got here around 2pm and we went out to lunch at The Nines in College Town. They told us that Dexter’s new friend got hit by a car last night. So, that was a short lived story. Dominica’s mother made me a birthday cake made out of candy bars. It is really cool. Min made me a pan of brownies (chocolate and peanut butter) with peanut butter cup ice cream.

Min and I watched The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan, it is okay. Pretty funny. It is cute. Jennifer Love Hewett isn’t terrible. I worked on some new additions to the funnies sections. There are three new entries now. I am trying to slowly work up a big funnies section. I keep hearing about how funny people think that they section is.

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