March 10, 2003

What a long day. I got up early this morning after only two hours of sleep and drove out to Schenectady. It was a long day of work (even though I managed to get out early) and then I had two hours off before I headed out to help out at the restaurant (I have been teaching the owners how to use their computers.) So it was a long, twelve hour work day after four hours of driving. I was definitely ready for bed by the time I was able to lie down. I went to bed early, by ten o’clock. Ah, eight whole hours of sleep, there is something that I never get.

On the way out to Schenectady, I got pulled over by a trooper on the thruway and got a ticket for having a headlight out. So that is going to be a lot of fun since I have to have it fixed by sundown tomorrow. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t know where anything is in Schenectady.

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