March 23, 2003

I did a little research and found out that there was only ever three series of Father Ted ever made. So we now have the entire collection. I know that everyone is really anxious to borrow the series, Eric has it right now. Min and I watched two episodes of Father Ted to start off the day. I needed a FT fix.

After a little Father Ted, we watched the classic Disney live action film Babes in Toyland with Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands. I had never seen it before but Min really likes it. It is Disney’s first musical made in 1961, the same year as the Parent Trap.

After Babes in Toyland, Min and I decided to finish watching the rest of Father Ted Series 3 plus the bonus episode. It is kind of sad because the actor who played the part of Father Ted died the day after they finished filming this season. While we were watching the bonus episode, Loopy came home from his week in Canada. But, he had some work to do for Lifestyle Properties so he just ran into the room for a second and ran right out the door again.

Dominica made a Chicken Pot Pie for dinner. Nate and Tammy went out house hunting again. They think that they may have found one that they really like not too far from Ithaca.

Min and I tried a new series called “Coupling” which has turned out to be awesome. Kind of like a British version of Seinfeld only up to date and much funnier with more interesting characters. We are really liking the show. We only have series one but two and three have already been made but only the first one is released on DVD so far.

Loopy, Bob and I watched some of Father Ted Series II and Min went to study her MicroBiology. Everyone has fallen in love with Father Ted. It is really awesome.

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