March 7, 2003

I got to work late today because they had issues checking me out of the hotel but no one really noticed so it wasn’t a big deal. We took lunch at the Albany IHOP because we wanted to try the new cream cheese stuffed French toast which was pretty good but only because they told us were we able to tell that there was any cream cheese in the toast. There was so little cheese that even looking for it specifically didn’t prove to be effective. We managed to get done with work by 3:30 and hit the road for home. On the way back, I stopped off at Carousel Center and picked up the KVM cables from CompUSA that I needed so that I can hook up the KVM switch at home. I need to be able to work on multiple computers at once and don’t have the space to have tons of keyboards, mice and monitors all over the place.

I got home around 7:00 and Min and I watched the rest of Monsoon Wedding which I had started last night. That movie is really awesome (hint, hint, for all of you who borrow movies from me!) Mira Nair’s directing is incredible and it really shows you a glimpse of Indian life that you almost never see. And the music was really incredible.

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