April 21, 2003

I headed out to Syracuse first thing this morning to work on a contract for Prudential but, of course, they didn’t know that we were coming and they weren’t ready for us. Nothing unusual. Maybe I will be back up to work on that next week. Who knows.

The day after Easter and everyone has taken the day off. There is really no work to be done today because no one is in the office. So I pretty much got the day off.

Min, Andy (Loopy) and I watched Casino Royale which is a hilarious rip on the James Bond movies but actually made by the people who made the other Bond films. A lot of the stuff from the Austin Powers movies definitely came from this movie. Andy and Bob first saw some of this movie a few years ago and have been talking about it ever since. It just released on DVD a few weeks ago so we were excited to get a copy right away.

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