April 4, 2003

Another super busy day. I spent a lot of the morning trying to deal with buying a house. Min, Loop and I are definitely trying to get the townhouse in Geneseo.

I drove up to T-Burg at noon to meet with Steve. We went out for some lunch and took a trip “around the horn” hitting all the bars in town. We got back to the house around 8pm and called Min and she drove on up to T-Burg and we ended up hanging out until almost 2am in the morning. While we were out I managed to get a hold of Acendex and accept the position. I am awaiting the final psych eval now which I should get on Monday. I will probably be starting right around the beginning of May. I will even be getting medical insurance. It will be so nice to finally be getting medical insurance without having to pay full price for it. I am planning on getting an apartment in some area like Ashtabula just to the east of Cleveland along I-90 towards home.

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