April 6, 2003

Time changed last night, hope everyone remembered. Loopy, Min and I did breakfast at the State St. Diner. We did a little driving around trying to take a look for some furniture but we didn’t end up finding anything.

Bob, Min and I finally got around to watching Serving Sara. It wasn’t bad. It is a cute movie. Silly, of course, but it has Bruce Campbell, Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley who are all good so it couldn’t have been too bad. It is a “Matthew Perry” movie, if you will, very similar to Fools Rush In or The Whole Nine Yards. Kind of cute, kind of silly with a little action here and there. Pretty typical. After that, Min and I watched the 1987 classic Maid to Order with Ally Sheedy. Very typical of the time period. It was cute. The movie collection is now up to 579 movies. Only a few more to go to hit the 600 mark.

Other than that, it was a very uneventful day. Tomorrow I have to get out to Lakeville to deal with the house. I am supposed to hear something from the bank on Wednesday. Tuesday I am going to the Oracle Unbreakable Linux show in Rochester all day. That is about the excitement for the week.

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