April 9, 2003

Well, it is official. Loopy and I drove out to Lakeville first thing this afternoon and I put a deposit down on the house in Geneseo that we have been looking at. They have agreed to remove the ugly (and brand new) carpeting and counter tops and will let us pick the ones that we want. We are scheduled for move in on July 15. Loopy, Min and I are really excited. It is weird to be buying a house. Of course, the mortgage hasn’t gone through yet so there is plenty of time yet for something to go wrong. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it. One thing at a time.

For those of you who are wondering where we are going to be living in the near future, the address is 15 Hathaway (or something like that) in Geneseo. It is just off of Lima Road to the Northeast of downtown inside of the village. It is the new Thornapple townhomes and ours is the middle one of the five that are currently built. We have a paved driveway and a two car garage.

After dealing with the house, Loop and I went up to Avon to visit with his family for a little while. We had a good time and then went out to eat at Tom Wahl’s before driving back to Ithaca. While we were at Wahl’s, I ran into Jeanie Pirano who went to York High School with Josh, Eric, Arti, Mary and I. She had been living in Cortland for a while and now is living in Lima and going to school at SUNY Geneseo. That is really cool so maybe we will get to hang out after all of these years.

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