May 12, 2003

This morning I got up early (early for me, at least) and headed south for Washington, DC. I haven’t been down there in months and this trip has been long overdue. It has been so long since I drove down to DC that the trip was actually very refreshing. Every so often I really need a long car drive to give me a chance to just totally relax. On the way down I listened to Sue Grafton’s latest book, “Q is for Quarry.” So far, I think that this is one of her best works. I was really impressed by this one. It is six hours long and made the drive really fly by.

I got to the DC office around 2:00 and worked there until 5:00. I got back to the house in Maryland and did very little this evening. I did some work on a laptop that I am down here to work on but that is about all. I have to get up early tomorrow morning so tonight will be an early night for me.

A quick reminder, Perry High School’s presentation of Bye, Bye Birdie is this weekend, Friday and Saturday (May 16 and 17) at 7:00pm. Leanne is directing. She wanted everyone to know. Also this weekend is the Boynton Middle School Music Department trip to Darien Lake.

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