May 14, 2003

Today was meant to be an early day for me without a whole lot of work, but of course, that didn’t happen. I waited around for a long time at the house so that John and I could get some work done this morning. We ended up working over lunch and I headed into the hospital after that. By this time it was a little bit late in the afternoon so I stopped by Borders and Walmart so that I could pick up some CDs to listen to in the car on the long drive back to New York after work.

I worked in the office trying to get a functional remote access and control system in place for our desktop computers down there. It ended up taking much longer than I had planned and instead of leaving between noon and 3:00pm to head for New York like I had planned, I ended up leaving the hospital at 9:30pm. Oops. So it was a late start to begin with. Then, on the way up 95, there was an accident that slowed traffic considerably. But the real delay came in northern Pennsylvania when a dump truck flipped dumping a load of garbage onto the highway. Of course, I was the first car to get to the accident after the police and the fire department had blocked off the road with flairs. So I ended up spending hours sitting on the road waiting for them to clear it so that we could all get through. I spent some time hanging out with the truck drivers and bikers who were also stuck waiting for an accident at 2:30am. Boy was it late. I got some reading done that I had wanted to do so the time wasn’t totally wasted. Just goes to show how important it is to always have a book along in the car, even when you don’t think you will have the chance to read it. I ended up getting to bed around 5:00am! Boy was I tired.

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