May 28, 2003

I have been working hard trying not to let the web site get away from me. Once I take one day off it all seems to just slide out of control from there. I know that many of you rely on SGL to provide you with accurate, up to the minute, information about what is going on in Scott’s World so I apologize again for the slack of the last two months.

After work yesterday, Min came home and we went out for a walk. Yes, we actually got excercise. Not a lot of excercise but at least we are taking a little bit of initiative to do something:)

I decided that I just have to have a new office chair because the one that I have now is one of those kneeling backless deals. I really liked it when I first got it but I have worn out the pads on it and now it causes severe pain in my ankles and shins. So, time for it to go, I guess. I will miss it. So, Andy, Min and I drove down to Office Max (after dinner at Taco Bell) and spent some time picking out a new chair for me. We ended up getting the most expensive chair in the store (hey, I am in this thing for 10-12 hours a day at least) at $220. It is leather and reclines and has nice lumbar support (I am getting old, you know.) It fit nicely in the box into the back of Min’s PR5 and we headed home. It ended up being quite the ordeal to assemble this thing. It says “easy assembly” on the box but that is far from the truth. Many of the screw holes are not lined up and the pressure needed to align them is outside the ability of many people to provide – especially while attempting to assemble the chair as well. Min helped out and we finally got the whole thing together. No sooner than we got it all together (like an hour or more of painful assembly time) than I noticed that the shipping box had been punctured and the leather of the back of the chair was punctured as well and the wood in the back of the chair was even broken! So needless to say, I am already lamenting the purchase of this thing. So far, I like sitting in it but I haven’t tried to get the part replaced yet and I will not be happy if I have to take this apart and return it to the store and put another one together. My carpal tunnel is already killing me from the force that I had to exert the first time. So it is another rough day for me. Ho hum.

I found out from my mom that she has tarsal tunnel syndrome and that I am showing common signs of it (oh great, like the carpal tunnel wasn’t enough.) But hopefully this new chair will help. I was really hoping that I wasn’t going to have to return it to the store. I called the company, FDL, and they were really nice and gave me no hassle at all and my new chair back is already on its way. I should have it in about a week. So that is really positive. I was pretty disappointed last night but now I think that I might buy another one of these chairs. Already sitting in it is making my day a lot better. The lumbar support really makes a difference for me and sitting at my computer and typing is so much easier.

So Microsoft’s new real time strategy game, Rise of Nations, released this week. This is their fourth, big, history based RTS (Age of Empires 1 and 2, Mythology and now…) It released earlier this week and I had to run out and get it. I am quite the RTS fanatic. RoN is neat and takes a very different approach from EE, trying to squeeze everything into the shortest time from possible instead of the longest (where is the happy medium?) Games of RoN normally take just about one hour. So the game feels really rushed to me and not as intense as previous games. It almost seems like Microsoft decided that AoE2 was just too hard and has been dumbing down its games since then. But AoE2 was the greatest game ever:( But maybe this will get better, I never like new games at first. They have to grow on me. It took a long time for EE to grow on my. I still hate it in one player mode but it is multiplayer that really makes a game shine. AoE2 just had both.

Congratulations to Leanne, today was her first day at her new job in Rochester (Brighton – Corporate Woods.) She said that the first day went well and she likes where she is working.

I ended up going out with Steve for lunch today at Rulloff’s in Collegetown so my day was short. I did get a new Funny added. It isn’t very often that I add one, most of the stuff that I get sent isn’t really appropriate so I have to filter out 90% of it all before it gets posted.

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