May 6, 2003

Eric came over to work here today. Loopy, Eric and I sat down and had some fun with Here are some good ones… Loopy, Poop, Ithaca and Waste Watcher. I had to throw the last one in just because it actually came up with our site’s information first!

Andy had the hiccups all day yesterday and it is looking like he is going to have them all day again today. He is in rough shape. Andy and I are driving out to my parent’s house tonight because we are going to the Microsoft Windows 2003 launch event tomorrow early in the morning in Rochester and it just seemed easier to go out there early.

Andy got a job today doing some VB programming for Carrier Corp up in Syracuse. It is just a six week contract but at least it will keep him busy until almost July when it will be time for us to move.

I would write more updates but there is a huge storm and I need to turn off the computer for the evening. Talk to you all later.

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