May 8, 2003

Ok, ok, time to announce the big news… I know that you have all been totally waiting and are all ready to kill me for not telling you yet… So here it is…

Scott and Dominica's Wedding Banner by Loopy

Scott and Dominica are getting married!

The updates from the weekend have been posted so that everyone can see how it all happened.

Over the course of the next couple of days, we will be putting together a seperate web site that will be used for all of the wedding announcements and the RSVP form. That way, everything will be in one place to make it that much easier for everyone to find out what, when and where. Currently, it is looking like the wedding will be happening in the Greater Geneseo area since we will be living around there at that time and for a million other reasons. But don’t be too sure just yet.

So keep watching for the latest news. I will add a button on the menu here to make it even easier to get to the new wedding site once it is up. We are hoping to be able to do a live webcast of the wedding too, but we won’t know for sure whether or not we can pull that off until much closer to the actual wedding. It would be really cool, though, if we were able to. We want everyone to be able to be there with us, even if just in their electronic personas.

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