June 10, 2003

Today was a busy day of work in Rochester. John and I started the day off with breakfast at the Tip Top (after I ran into Joe Saul at the Wellesley this morning as I came out of my room – Joe is the last of the regular crowd that would appear to never be leaving that place!) and then we got over to the hospital so Eric and I could meet with the University of Rochester proper for a meeting about chemical inventory and tracking systems in the morning. After the meeting, we returned to the hospital and worked there for a little while. Then I had to get over to the Henrietta Regal 18 theatre for a Microsoft TechNet Briefing while Eric and John had a meeting at Rochester General in Irondiquoit.

The TechNet Briefing actually turned out to be a really good time. It is basically a four hour class that Microsoft offers for free. In fact, they give tons of stuff away there too. Everyone gets a nice software package to take home as well as free soda and popcorn to eat while they are giving some of the talks. And the give away some really good door prizes too (I was really hoping to win.) The class was interesting and I had a good time.

We got out of class early so I returned to the hospital to work with Eric a little more before going to meet Dominica at John Holtz where she dropped off her car to have her rear brakes worked on. John headed out to Goshen as soon as his meeting at RGH was over.

John Holtz explained that all of the Mazda’s PR5’s and some of the Protege’s with the all wheel disc brakes were having real issues after the hard winter that we had. Mazda is actually currently out of brake pads due to the unbelievable demand for them now.

After dropping off the car, Min and I headed down to my parent’s house where Min was expecting to spend the night before going to class tomorrow. But, mom wasn’t feeling well and they are going to go into the hospital tomorrow so we decided that it would be a lot less hassle if Min stayed over at Eric and Amanda’s house. That would be good, also, because Eric could take Min into her class and to get her car after her class was over. So, we stayed at my parent’s house until late and then went over to Eric and Amanda’s new house. The puppy, Sonny, has gotten very rambunctious and has very sharp teeth and loves to bite. I have the marks all over me to show for it too (as does Rachel.) Min had a lot of studying to do so Eric and I hung out for a while. Min eventually convinced me to spend the night there instead of driving back to Ithaca and just driving down early in the morning.

Andy has been putting some serious work into the online movies database (but, since by the time he is finished there will be more than 600 movies in the database – the work is well worth it) and has a ton of interface design to show for it. He is making a bunch of different interfaces to allow you to interact with a large database containing all kinds of cool information about my movie library. Of course, much of that informatin is available now in a spreadsheet, but it isn’t easy to use and takes forever to load up and search through. This new database will function much, much better as the collection pushes towards 1,000 movies and it will allow us to access the data easily from anywhere over the web.

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