June 19, 2003

This morning, Eric and I had to get up early because we had to meet John for breakfast and then get into the hosptial in DC in time for the 8:00am employee meeting. Plus we had to pack up the hotel. So we were incredibly groggy when we finally got to the hospital.

The early morning meeting went well and Eric had some work to do while I had to go finish up my Hep B Vaccination series at the Occupational Health Center. I managed to get my third vacc shot but there was a complication and it appears that the nurse who did my second shot didn’t document it anywhere. So, now I have to return in a month to do some blood work to find out whether or not I have to start another series of shots. What a pain. This is the second time that I have attempted to get these shots. The first time was when I was first going to college in NY at MCC in Rochester. I got my first two shots from my regular doctor that I had always used. But, after the second shot, he told me that he specialized in teenagers and that he refused to finish the series. He told me to go to my family doctor to get it. So I did. But my family doctor doesn’t have the vaccination, he told me that the other doctor was responsible for finishing it because he started it. So, while they argued about it, my shots expired. So, here I am doing ther series again. And maybe I will be doing it for a third time. And people wonder why I am not impressed by medical “professionals” at all. Plus there was the time that the hospital doctor refused to treat me for appendicitus because he knew more about the type of pain I was having than I did. And then my appendix burst. Just because he had to be right, he would have let me die to make a point that I was just a dumb lay person and couldn’t understand that pains of my own body. Three strikes and you are out in my book. I have had little good ever come from a hospital experience. The only really good procedure I ever had done was in Batavia and was just work on my toe. That went really well. But even that, they wouldn’t let me do the “surgery” without pain killers but they couldn’t figure out how to give me an anesthetic that would last for the procedure. So they ended up making me take the drugs but they didn’t do any good. Kind of like when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I didn’t want to take any pain killers after the surgery but the doctor gave me a real hassle about the prescription. So I took it but never got it filled (why would a doctor lower my degree of trust in him JUST so that he can write a prescription for pain killers? Do they get kick backs for this stuff or something?) Then, after I came back for a check up, he was amazed by how quickly I had healed. How obvious is it that my body was able to concentrate on healing my mouth because it didn’t have to work so hard pulling drugs out of my system. I think doctors may be the least well educated people I have ever met. Everyone I know has stories like this, and very few have any really good experiences.

Well, after that, Eric and I hit the road back to NY. Eric’s aunt died on Tuesday and he has to rush back home to get ready to go to the calling hours that are tonight in Oakfield. So he has a really long day. Min is going up to Syracuse this evening to pick out the counters and cabinets for the new house in Geneseo.

Eric and I got home around 4:00. Boy am I glad to be home and to get to sleep in my own bed tonight.

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