June 23, 2003

Well, I am going to try my best to stay on top of the updates while I am down here in DC. I am going to be down here for a whole week so it is extra important for me not to get behind. Not to mention the fact that so few of you will have the chance to talk to me directly now so there are even more people reading the site everyday to see what is going on in Scott World.

I slept in a little this morning, I was still pretty tired from the weekend. I was hoping to be up early enough to be able to finish watching Castle in the Clouds but no such luck. I had to do some work around the house, do some packing and make sure that a computer that was shipped recently was working before I left. So I had a pretty busy morning. Then I had to type a proposal for one of my clients. At noon, I drove down to Taco Bell and met Min for a quick lunch. Before lunch, she went to Target to see if there were any copies of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (HP5) left there since Walmart in Cortland had sold out. There weren’t but they did have a few on CD but they were $67.50 which is a bit much for a book on CD. So, after lunch we made a quick stop over at Barnes and Noble and they had both the book and the book on CD at 50% off with my Reader’s Advantage card! So she picked up the book and I got the CDs. $37.50 is a much more reasonable price to pay for a book on CD. It is 27 hours long so it is pretty cheap by the hour compared to many other books on CD (although I am not impressed by Jim Dale who reads the books.) So I am very excited about that but we are trying to save the CDs for our really long drive down to Georgia in a month.

After lunch, I stopped by my client and dropped off those papers that I had been working on and then I hit the road to Washington. It was probably about 1:30pm by the time I actually hit the road out of Ithaca. A little later than I had hoped for but not too bad overall. I am mostly working on the “B” shift and into the night so it isn’t big deal to be down here later than usual. I will most likely be stuck riding the truck tonight and potentially throughout much of the week. So, I brought a couple of books to read while I am out with the truck. Nothing exciting, but things that I need to get read anyway. I expect that it will be a long week one way or another. I also brought three movies along with me, Jackie Chan’s Project A 2, Patton and Grave of the Fireflies. We will see if I actually manage to get to watch any of them. Last week, being down here with Eric, I watched about forty minutes of the Jackie Chan flick and that was about the end of it.

I arrived at Washington Hospital Center just after 7:30 and set up shop in the dark, cold office to wait for the truck to return to the hospital center and for the dock guys to get it unloaded.

On the trip down, I managed to listen to almost all of the remaining CDs of “Krakatoa.” I have about 45 minutes left which I should be able to listen on my way out to Annapolis later tonight.

Tonight I will be staying at a hotel. I was hoping to get to stay in Bowie, MD but that hotel is full again, so I will be staying at the Comfort Inn in Annapolis on Old Mill Bottom Rd. It just makes working these long and odd hours a little bit easier. I am about to head out on the truck so I am wrapping up the update for the night.

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