June 29, 2003

Happy Birthday Leanne!

Finally, it is Sunday. My last day working in DC until next week (next week meaning about 2-3 days from now.) Dominica has been staying at her parent’s house in Frankfort and should be heading home tonight as well.

Well, we weren’t able to get as much work done in DC today as we had hoped. Quite a few roadblocks popped up, but nothing that we couldn’t handle.

Ok, change of plans today. I am going to stay in DC tonight and head back to Ithaca tomorrow. We are on a tight deadline here and I need to get as much done here as possible. It is a big relief that we didn’t end up having to move this weekend. That would have been really terrible.

I did manage to find some nice, free, CD Burning Software for Windows called CDBurnerXP Pro. I have been using it and it is pretty good. Unfortunately, it isn’t open source but it is free for personal, non-commercial use so it is better than most anything else that I have tried to use.

It is another long night at the hospital tonight. I will be staying at the Comfort Inn at Bay Dale in Annapolis again. I am beginning to think of that place as home. This will be my third week having stayed there. I will be there at least once a week for a month. Much like my time staying in Schenectady earlier this year. Typical.

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