June 8, 2003

Today is our last day to play with the kids. We got up and packed early and then drove out to Utica so that we could all see Finding Nemo which turned out to be a pretty good movie. I tend to like the Pixar films but I think that this might be my favorite one (beating out Toy Story.) The movie was a lot longer than I had expected it to be, it was like a full two hours. The story really takes a while to develop.

As soon as the movie was over, Min and I had to hit the road. Today is a really busy driving day. We drove from Utica to Ithaca and arrived in Ithaca at 4pm. We did some packing and loaded both Min’s car and my mom’s car. Min did some packing for me while I took a shower and then we each hit the road seperately heading west to my parent’s house. I think that this is only the second time ever that we will have been at both of our parent’s homes on the same day. We drove straight from my parent’s house to Min’s parent’s house once and it took just over three hours of drive time. So it was pretty late by the time that we got to my parents and we really had almost no time to stay. We unloaded the stuff that we had packed and left mom’s Regal behind and headed for the city in Min’s car.

We first went to Chris and Shawnda’s apartment because Chris had picked up Min’s real estate book for her on Friday night. Min has to read four chapters to be prepared for tomorrow’s class so she has a really busy night. Then we drove over to where the class is supposed to be at so that she would have an easier time finding it in the morning (early morning, she has to be on the road around 7:00 am which is pretty early for her.) Then I showed her where the Wellesley Inn was located (in the same parking lot) because I am staying there tonight.

After orienting Min to the area, we then drove in search of Phil and Kate’s new apartment which is nearby because Min is staying with them tonight so that it is easier for her to get to her class in the morning. Her class is 45 hours long and she has to go for eight hours a day all week and then an additional five hours on Saturday and then has to return to take the test at the end which is really a nuisance.

Phil then carted me up to the Distillery where I met up with John and had a light dinner before making an early night of it. John and I are staying at the Wellesley. The same Wellesley that Andy, Phil and I used to work at almost four years ago.

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