July 31, 2003

Today was Min and my first full day in Savannah together. We got up a little bit late this morning and headed out for the Waffle House for some breakfast. After getting some food in our tummies, we went to the Savanna visitor’s center and booked a trolley tour of the city. We started the tour around noon and it took an hour and a half to travel around the historic district seeing all of the major site. Savannah is a really neat town with a ton of really interesting history. Savannah was occupied by the British in the Revolutionary War (or the “War of Southern Aggression to our Canadian readers) and again by the Union in the Civil War (or the “War of Northern Aggression” to our southern readers.) It had a number of major fires and epidemics over the years. We had a good time on the tour and learned quite a bit. We got off the tour at the end and walked around the city for a little while and did some window shopping. Then we walked down to the Owen-Thomas house, the oldest example of British Regency architecture in the New World as well as America’s first home with indoor plumbing. The plumbing system was fed by water collected on the roof and stored in four large cisterns. The house was built in 1816. The house was interesting but there wasn’t much to do on the house tour and since that was touted as being the best house tour in the whole city, we decided to limited our house tours to this one. It is a beautiful house, though.

After the tour, we ran back along the trolley tour route and caught the trolley again. It took us close to the city market so we hopped off the trolley and walked down to the market to see about some lunch. We ate lunch at “Tapas” in the market. It was really good and not nearly as expensive as Ithaca. It was very reminiscent of “Just a Taste” in Ithaca.

We hit the hotel and the mall for about two hours after dinner and then drove out to the island to see the family for the evening. Michael is really into Anime and got Joe’s girlfriend Brittany yesterday watching Princess Mononoke and Serial Experiments: Lain. So Min and I picked up Ah! My Goddess: The Movie while we were at the mall so that we would have something new to watch. We watched Kiki’s Delivery Service but near the end the movie stopped playing (I am hoping that it is the player and not the DVD itself) so we didn’t get to finish it. So we started watched Ah! My Goddess instead.

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