July 7, 2003

This morning I got out of bed super early and hit the road to head out west to Caledonia. Today is a very sad morning. Kelley’s Heroes is marching, this morning, for the funeral of our leader, Tim Kelley. Tim was electrocuted earlier this week while working on his neighbor’s plumbing. It was quite a shock. Leanne, Jen, Josh, Nate, Joe and I all made it out for the march. The band led the funeral prosession from the funeral to the cemetary.

After the funeral, Leanne, Josh and I grabbed some lunch at Daffy’s before I headed down with my car completely loaded with stuff to be dropped off at my parent’s house. I packed the car all up this morning. It is about our sixth big load being dropped off. There is a ton of stuff at my parent’s house now.

After unloading the car, I hit the road for Washington. It was a long drive down, coming from Rochester way, but it wasn’t too bad. I called Wilfort as I came through Baltimore and found out that there was no truck running so I didn’t need to go into the office. So I headed straight to the hotel in Annapolis.

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