July 9, 2003: Unknown Days To Go

Another long day at the hospital for me. I was hoping to sleep in this morning but I was out of luck. The phone was ringing by 7:40 with people who were looking for me. So up I got.

I spent most of the day working at the hospital. I also worked for a little while over at Children’s National Med Center. I put in an extra long day at the hospital today. I didn’t get a chance to leave the hospital until almost 1:00 am. Boy was I tired after that.

We are not going to be closing on the house when we had hoped. We might be able to close in the next two weeks but we don’t know yet. All kinds of last minute problems keep cropping up. I will be picking up my new Mazda6 this coming Saturday morning, though, which will be fun. Min has finally decided that she wants to learn to drive a 5-speed better.

After getting back to the hotel I decided I needed to wind down some so I watched America’s Sweethearts which is one of Min’s movies. There is a ton of really amazing people in this movie. I can’t believe the cast. Seth Green, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal, Alan Arkin, Hank Azaria and Christopher Walken. It was a really good movie. I enjoyed it. And Julia Roberts even knits in this movie, so Min must really like it. Julia Roberts has really improved over the last few years. She has really become an amazing actress. I think that she really broke out with Notting Hill.

So, after watching the movie, it was 3:00 am, I hit the hay and got some shut eye. See you all tomorrow.

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