August 13, 2003

Today, Eric and I drove down to Ithaca. We spent most of the day working on installing a new Dell PowerEdge server at Ward’s Auto Damage. We worked there all day and then we ran around town doing miscellaneous errands.

We are still desperately without any form of external communications here in Geneseo, no phones, no Internet not even a mailbox. We are going stir crazy being cooped up without any way to talk to anyone. No hope of getting Internet or telephone access anytime soon, Frontier would appear to be doing anything that they can to stand in our way. But I will be actively pursue a mailbox as well.

Dominica starts moonlighting at the Conesus Lake Hotel tonight. She is doing auditing and book-keeping there a couple of nights a week. Min spent the morning in Rochester at the Crown Plaza at a real estate conference.

We have been watching tons of DVDs since there is no television, cable or laserdisc player. The cost per view has dropped from $5.71 to just $5.55. We have been watching a huge variety of movies. Right now, I am watching Children of Dune. It is really long but so far it is really good. The first movie was awesome.

Ingram Micro approved us today and we are now a full blown computer and networking equipment reseller. We still have a little bit of paperwork to do with HP, Compaq, IBM and Apple before we are able to resell their products, but that is a minor matter (or so we think.) But we are already able to resell about 1,700 companies products including Netgear, Belkin and Linksys. Just about anything that anyone wants, we will be able to get for you. We are very excited because this will really broaden our horizons and allow us to do a lot more for our customers that we were able to do previously.

While watching movies tonight, I think that I heard a mouse in the wall. It is very hard to tell, though. I really hope that there isn’t one there but there have been seven already so the chance of there being another one of one of the old ones sneaking back into the house is pretty decent. 🙁

Min and I have a couple of DVDs that are duplicates. Fight Club, Shrek, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and What Women Want are all available for sale or trade. The Wedding Singer, The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Nine Months are all available for sale or trade on laserdisc.

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