August 22, 2003


Just one more day to go until Eric and Amanda’s Wedding! Tomorrow at 3:00 PM for those of you who don’t know when it is. I know I am terrible at remembering these things.

Arti, Danielle and Michael came by this morning with bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts. Michael had a blast last night playing video games on Andy’s Nintendo Game Cube while the adults all hung out. Danielle and I had some work to do this morning because she is coming to work for Niagara Telecom as an Account Manager in the western Livingston County area. While we were working, Eric showed up with a computer that I needed to work on. So Eric, Min and Arti hung out for a little while and then we decided that we should all go to lunch at Tom Wahl’s together. So we drove up to Avon (Arti took the opportunity to drive my Mazda 6) and got some lunch. Min and I were the only ones who got to go home afterwards because everyone else had to go up to the city. Eric had wedding stuff to do and Art and Danielle were getting Michael a telescope so that we could look at Mars (Mars is currently the closest that it is ever likely to be to the Earth.) I have always wanted to get a telescope, a nice one with computer tracking, but have never really had a good place to put one. They take up a lot of space and heaven knows I have too much stuff that takes up too much space.

Min, Eric and Amanda went over to Warsaw this afternoon to work on decorations for the wedding. Min was working on Amanda’s wedding sneakers (apparently this is a normal wedding thing that I have never heard of before) this afternoon. Tonight, Min is going over to hang out with Amanda while Eric and his brother Peter are coming over here. We might go out to some bars or we might just hang out here. We are too old to do too much exciting stuff.

It didn’t take very long before the phone was ringing trying to get me to come down to Warsaw to help out with the setting up and everything. So I wrapped up some work and drove on down to Warsaw. They had barely gotten started by the time I got there (just running a little bit late, the original schedule was to start working at 3:00 and it was now 7:00.) I got there and worked for about half an hour but Min and I hadn’t had dinner yet and there was no vegetarian there so we drove over to the Silver Lake Family Restaurant in Warsaw, just up the street, and had dinner there. I got the EggPlant Rollettes and it was really good. I was really impressed. I haven’t been to the SLFR in Warsaw for ten years or more, I am sure. After dinner we returned and worked until 9:20. Then, Eric, Pete, Drew and I took off to hit the liquor store (the one in Warsaw by Allen St. is open until 10:00 on the weekends!!) and then drove back to my place in Geneseo. Andy was already home so we all sat around and talked until almost 2:00. Almost everyone had to be up really early in the morning so we didn’t go to late.

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